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  • Our story (the short version)

    It began when we met in sunny Playa del Carmen, Mexico, our encounter soon led to... beach, shenanigans, margaritas, marriage and getting in the car "direction" Toronto, the city where we gave birth to our baby "Your Feel Good Soap Company". And, yeah, we drove for a whole week to get here.

    Oh, no, wait! Our story actually started a few years before that, when we got convinced that natural body care was the way to go...

    Back in Mexico, while growing up I've always had fairly sensitive skin; rashes and hives weren't an uncommon occurrence for me, nonetheless, I always seemed to get relief from natural handcrafted creams that my grandmother would make for our family. They worked and felt so good on my skin, sometimes even better when I added essential oils (hence my obsession with aromatherapy), needless to say more, I was sold!

    Meanwhile in Canada... Eighties Scott was obsessed with his hair, he had to have the softest, shiniest and healthiest looking "mullet", which at this point of the story I realize is completely irrelevant. Moving on... Scott's fascination with natural skin care began a few years later, after he tried my first natural handmade bar of soap, which cleared up the acne on his back and stop the itchiness on his whole body, a problem he had been dealing with, since "mullet" times.

    It was obvious for us what road to take when it came to personal care, but we didn't want to stop there, we wanted other people to benefit from it too, we also wanted to be able to design it our way, including our much-loved herbs, scents and vegetable oils. So the journey began. I was dying to make our own skin care line, so I started studying to become a "mad scientists", experimenting and creating my own personal favourite recipes. Scott on the other hand, was eager to let loose his talent for graphic and construction design, so he started by making all of our ideas come to life. He started by creating our logo, website and an eye catching display to set us off at local markets, that soon escalated to building an awesome retail store and our very own dispensing unit, especially designed to keep our products fresh and avoid the use of preservatives.

    It has been and continues to be a crazy fun process, with lots of mishaps, I won't lie, a bunch of funky looking products (which mostly ended up in our friends and families bathrooms), but mostly filled with awesome rewarding experiences and fantastic feedback from our wonderful customers.

    We are a just a couple of Torontonians who happen to have way too much fun handcrafting skin care and bath goodies out of natural sources, who care about our planet, who believe in positive thinking, healthy living and who are convinced that life should be based on simple "Feel good" pleasures.

    From our bathroom to your bathroom , we sincerely hope that you and your family enjoy the best natural and environmentally friendly handmade personal care goodies made in Toronto.

    Karina & Scott

    P.S. Scott's hair current status: Soft, Shiny and Healthy
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