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  • Natural vs. Synthetic

    Our skin is the largest organ in our body, it absorbs 60% of what we apply on it, in fact most of what we place on it gets absorbed into our bloodstream, including harmful chemicals found in skin care products, including lotions, shampoos, conditioners, etc.

    We live in a world that suffers of oversaturated options of synthetic everything, modern science has been able to reproduce what already exists in nature, unfortunately in some cases in ways that are toxic for our bodies. In recent years, more people have become aware of the presence of chemicals that are known to be harmful or carcinogenic in everyday cosmetics, for that reason we believe that we are better off avoiding them.

    Choosing natural products for yourself and your family will take you one step closer to leading a healthier life style. Natural body care is a gentle alternative to protect the most sensitive of skins or even the most delicate ones, such as the one of your babies and children.

    We at Your Feel Good Soap Company have chosen to create natural and hypoallergenic products that are gentle to us and to the environment. By using botanical oils, non toxic ingredients and avoiding preservatives we create a clean product that provides benefits stemming from the purity of its ingredients. We believe that nature equips us with all the necessary components to keep us clean and healthy, leaving us without any need to use synthetic ingredients that could harm us or our planet.

    Become educated, learn more about the ingredients in your body care products. Check out this link to the Environmental Working Group website or "Skin Deep" where you'll be able to verify the levels of toxicity in the ingredients included in your Skin Care products.

    You can download the "SKIN DEEP" App for your smartphone. It's free and you will have the vital information at your fingertips for a healthier "you" and "your" environment wherever you go!